Miki Knowles : Plays with her food!

I play with food!

Nobody ever told me not to play with my food…fortunately Food Styling is a perfect match, since that’s exactly what I love to do.  It must run in the family, because I learned that my Great Aunt was one before the term “Food Stylist” had been coined.  My passion is taking your food and making it beautiful!

With over 10 years in the Culinary field, including a 3 year Culinary Apprenticeship, and an incredible opportunity to work in a 5 Star, 4 Diamond restaurant.  I’ve also had the privilege to work as a private chef for the motivational speaker, Tony Robbins.

As the mom of twins, I certainly know how to prioritize and organize my work-life balance.  Since I have a passion for food and a zest for life, it sparks my creativity both at home and on set.  I get my inspiration from food, it’s natural, food can have flaws.  Life is too short to stress out, that’s why I am versatile and easy to work with.

Living Life One Bite at a Time.  (-; hehehe